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Alex MacKay and Delia Smith


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In the last two years I've cooked over 7000 meals for NHS staff and carers — and now I'm cooking up a new website. Follow me on social media to find out when the new site is ready!

Meanwhile, you can plan to cook with me this autumn at Delia's Food and Wine workshops in Norwich!


Alex Mackay- The Magic Fridge


The Magic Fridge: Amazing sauces, butters, bases and preserves that will transform your everyday cooking

Convenience food done the right way - with my new book you can take versatile magic fridge base recipes to create a multitude of meals that are full of flavour but require minimal work. Choose from twenty prepare-ahead delights including Cheese sauce, Ratatouille, Tomato chilli relish, Salsa verde, Almond cream, Raspberry jam and Lemon curd. These will keep, carefully stored in the fridge, for at least three weeks. They will all freeze, so you can make several portions each time and have bags of instant flavour that you can add to an everyday meal to turn simple into sublime.

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