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Do you want to eat less meat?

Meat free earlier this year raised alot of interesting questions and inspried alot of good ideas. I reckon my family eats vegetables and grains for about half of our meals, not through a moral choice, but because they can be so delicious and we can make them more so with delightful recipes, joy and careful seasoning.

I've got ideas for you if you want to cook from online recipes, from cookery books, or if you'd like to take a seat and have it all done for you at the Provencal cafe I've co-founded. Keep an eye on my twitter feed to your right for updates.

5 ways to help you take time off meat

If you want to cook from the internet look at my recipes on

Merchant Gourmet Recipes


If you'd like to try a few of my recipes then maybe venture beyond me go to...


If you'd like to try my PROVENÇAL VEGETABLE SHEPHERD’S PIE made with ratatouille, feta cheese, Puy lentils, chickpea purée and spiced feuille de brique and would like it cooked for you go to CAFE PISTOU  And as we are talking shepherds, we have lots of lovely vegetable dishes for you to graze your way through on the small plate section of the menu

Cafe Pistou


If you'd like to take your Aubergines on Adventures and change your Carbonara from mince to marvelous Puy Lentils then this is the book for you

Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday


"Provence is a huge and beautiful garden" ...and so starts 20 odd pages of vegetable sunshine food. There is also the Camembert Fondue on page 137 which is moreish enough to make you forget meat-and indeed anything else- entirely

Cooking in Provence


Everyday Cooking with Kids

I try to cook with my kids as often as possible and have come up with practical ways to get them to join in and enjoy cooking. Read more here...

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Escape to Summer in the south of France with Alex Mackay, our Provencal expert and author of the award winning Cooking in Provence to see what he means. From aperitifs to sweet Provence, Alex will show you how to bring Provencal sunshine into the English Kitchen and onto your tables.

CleaverIf you need any help in the kitchen please ask me cooking questions through the Ask Alex Page.


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Alex Mackay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday

Everybody Everyday - Alex Mackay's latest cookbook



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